2013 Albuquerque

Develop Intuitive Skills & Reiki Classes

2014 Classes will be announces as the interest builds.  If you are interested in a class, email me.

Tune In:  Developing an Intuitive Tool belt

You’re warmly invited to join our on-going Albuquerque workshop, a safe environment to deepen your relationship with your intuitive nature. Each session is focused on a multi-sensory approach, encouraging you to recognize your natural intuitive gifts while expanding on your areas of strength. You will also be guided in awakening other skills – ability to see, hear, feel, know and sense guidance.  Each class will feature clearly defined exercises allowing you to surface bold insights and your natural wisdom that will benefit all areas of your life: health, love, relationships, creativity. This class will offer you a genuine place to play and practice while receiving feedback from others.

  • Open to living as an ordinary mystic
  • Identify and deepen your unique intuitive style
  • Develop multi-sensory techniques to access guidance
  • Learn the difference of your mind verses intuition
  • Clear out blocks and cobwebs

Tune In:  Beginning Channeling

Come play like the mystics!  Connect to your higher self and meet your spirit guides and teachers of the highest light.  In a safe, supportive environment, we will generate the energy to connect to guides ready to offer powerful messages. Together and with clear intention, we will explore channeled writing as well as speaking.  Meeting your spirit guides in an amazing process that will assist you in healing.  In the process, you’ll also likely up your vibration, align to joy and open your ability to receive.

  • Open your channel through writing and speaking
  • Get acquainted with various guides
  • Practice connecting so you will be ready to connect on your own
  • Hone in on skills by working with the group and in pairs

Reiki I Class

Reiki is opening to the universal healing energy, which allows the attuned individual to perform self-healing and hands-on healing on others. The attunement process allows the recipient to connect to more love and light as a way to enhance their life as well as benefiting every sentient being.  Reiki energy can shift energy imbalances and help realign natural health, while supporting mind, body, and spirit.

  • Learn the history of Reiki
  • Be attuned to Reiki
  • Experience self-treatments and practice on other people
  • Discover the power of energetic
  • Take home readings on Reiki
  • Receive a Certificate

New Moon Reiki II Class

This class is the second attunement process, which assists in expanding your reiki
practice and intuition.  Reiki II incorporates distant healing as a way to assist in
wellness without doing actual hands on work.  Great addition, if you want to start
seeing clients professionally and/or to add to your current work.

  • Learn the Reiki symbols
  • Be attuned to Reiki II
  • Experience how to do distant treatments
  • Increase your healing potency
  • Experiment with alternative Reiki healing methods
  • Receive a Certificate

* Reiki Masters courses available upon request.